About Dr Terren

Dr Terren

Was born in Margaret River and educated all over the state (his parents were teachers), finishing his schooling in Geraldton, where he was dux.  He attended University of Western Australia and did a year of Physics and then changed to Medicine. Peter attained his medical degree and decided to continue his medical training and finished his Physician training after another approximately 5 years – about 11 years training.  He worked in Port Hedland and Halls Creek and then again in Perth.

Peter  worked as Consultant Physician in Geraldton for 5 busy years, being at the time, the only Physician north of Perth.  In 1995, he moved to Bunbury where he practiced in a SJOG building in Spencer St (where buckets were needed on rainy days!).  When the new Medical Centre was built, Dr Terren and Mr Bracks were the first 2 doctors to move in.

He has 3 sons who have left home for further education and work and his wife Jane works in the practice as nurse, leave relief and Practice Manager.

His main interests are high voltage “electrickery” as seen on TV and as detailed in his web page www.tesladownunder.com