Information for patients

When you ring to make an appointment, you will be booked in for a consultation.

Consultation If you are a new patient requiring a consultation with Dr Terren, your first appointment will usually be booked for 90 minutes.  This is because a Physician takes a medical history, does a physical examinati0n and then discusses his findings with  you.  He will then prescribe treatment or further tests for you.

Dr Terren will usually expect to see the patient without their relatives at first. Then, if the patient agrees, relatives can be involved in the discussion at the end of the consultation including adding their opinion and Dr Terren’s diagnosis and plan.

We have increased our charges very slightly, as the Medicare rebate has increased by about a dollar for the first time in about 5 years.  From July 2019, the cost of this will be approximately $382 (leaving a gap of  $150 after the Medicare rebate is claimed by you).  If you are a pensioner, you will be charged $312 (leaving a gap of $80 after the Medicare rebate is claimed).  If you require other tests such as an ECG  then obviously, there will be an additional charge. For your information, the fees for this initial consultation can be up to $1500 in Perth.  A bargain here in Bunbury!  Subsequent appointments cost approximately half or less of this initial cost.  

To pay this account –   There are 2 ways to pay this.  You can choose to pay the “gap” amount and we will send the account to Medicare.  In about 4 weeks, they will mail you a cheque made out to Dr Terren that you can send onto us. Otherwise, you can pay in full on the day and we will send the account to Medicare and they will reimburse your their rebate amount within 2 working days. We accept EFTPOS (not American Express), cash and cheques.

With Dr Terren having inpatients in St John of God Hospital, he is sometimes called down to see one of them and some patients in the rooms have more complicated problems that require extra time to deal with.  For these reasons, Dr Terren can sometimes run late.  We ask that you are patient in this circumstance and suggest that you ring the rooms before you come to your appointment and see how he is going time-wise.